Artisanal Agriculture. Focusing on the highest quality veggies and meat we can possibly produce in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Dinner Bell Farm is a family farm located in Chicago Park, CA, just outside of Grass Valley.  We run a 30 acre, diverse farming operation specializing in pasture-raised, heritage breed chicken.   We also raise Mangalitsa and Mulefoot pigs, grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as specialty cut flowers.

We farm because we love this earth and we believe that ecological agriculture is part of the solution.  We farm because we believe that nutritionally dense food is a human right.  We farm because we KNOW that there is a better way to treat the animals we eat.   We farm because we want food production to be a viable way of making a living.  We farm to grow the foods that grace the tables of you and your loved ones.

Local to the farm? Come visit our stand at the Saturday Auburn Farmers’ Market or get in touch with us directly to bring home a little Dinner Bell Farm to your dinner tables!

Live in the SF Bay Area?  Purchase our sustainably raised meat through our Bay Area Meat Club.  Check it out on our online Marketplace. Shares for the 2014 season are now available!