Mangalitsa Hogs

Our Mangalitsa pigs are of the “Swallow Bellied” type, consisting of thick wooly coat of brown and black hair. Our sows are incredibly docile and good mothers and breeding selection is based temperament, litter size and frame. Where we live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, we get snow in the winter. As you can imagine these pigs show an amazing ability to thrive in the winter on pasture, in orchards, and in a wooded environment. Originally from Hungary, the breed was the choice for small farmers up until the 20th century where the advancement of refrigeration and the usage of other cooking oils instead of lard began to lead to the demise of the breed. As high quality and heritage meat has begun to find favor with chefs and consumers, the breed in turn has begun to enter into a renaissance. Only recently introduced to the U.S., we are proud to have this unusual and charismatic breed as part of our herd.

If you like fat, and we mean seriously like fat, then this is the pig for you. A lard pig, much has been made of their superior fat which is incredible when used for lard, sausage making and other charcuterie products. And we’ll just say, the bacon from these guys is ridiculous. If you are looking for a good pig to “cut and wrap” for common cuts then this pig may not be your pig. While the marbling and flavor of the meat provides amazing flavor, it is not uncommon to see a back fat cap on the pigs of 4 inches or more.