Welcome to the Dinner Bell Farm online Marketplace.  Please email with any questions or concerns.

We have delicious, heritage breed, pasture-raised chickens for sale! Available for on-farm pick-up and for delivery to pick-up sites in North Oakland and San Francisco. Please note that we are requiring a 5 chicken minimum order for this limited run. If sales go well, we may be able to offer you more chicken later in the year.

5 chickens per order. Each order is $100 now and a remainder due at pick-up based on final weight (and at $10/pound.) We estimate each chicken will be 3.8 pounds.

If you would like more than 5 birds you can increase your number of orders when you check-out. (2 orders will be 10 chickens, 3 orders will be 15 chickens, and so on.) NOTE: If you see anything else in your Paypal cart (like Pork orders) be sure to remove them before you checkout!!!! We do not yet have any pork available but will let you know when we do.


1 Order of 5 Chickens

$100 now, remainder due at pick-up at $10/lb

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