We are dedicated to raising animals in a system that respects the needs of the animal and the integrity of the land we farm. We utilize a management intensive system of grazing in which our chickens move to new pasture daily. Never confined to small spaces, our flocks of birds have constant access to open ground within a mobile paddock. Range shelters and trees provide shade and fresh water is always available. In this system, our chickens are free to self regulate- finding shade when they are hot, dust when they need to bathe, and plentiful bugs, seeds, herbs and grass to forage. By moving our flocks daily, our birds are always on clean and optimally nutritious pasture. It also decreases the impact the chickens have on the land- spreading their manure and enabling our pasture to regrow and rest.

We have chosen to raise heritage breeds of chickens and breeds that are rich in heritage genetics. It is of critical importance to keep heritage animal breeds in our diets and farm systems. Heritage animals, like our chickens, have the instincts to forage and survive in outdoor settings. They are well adapted to the hot summers and the cold springs of the foothills where we farm.

If you live in the Bay Area you can join our meat buying club to enjoy these wonderful birds.  Locally our chicken can be purchased at the Auburn Farmers’ Market and directly from the farm.